Drop Outs in writing to DDP

This problem happened on Wavelab 6 and now 7.

I have a montage of a cd I am mastering. Using outboard gear (Manley Vari Mu Mastering Version limiter) and my interface is RME Fireface UC.

Upone burning, there are these dropouts that occur several times over the burned DDP in Wavelab 7. In 6, the same thing happened in the rendered file.

I tried changing latency on the Fireface UC but to no help. What can the problem be? The driver for the RME Fireface is current.

Using a laptop with 6GB of memory and 2.8ghz Duo Core processor.

Playback dropouts? Or “physical” dropouts (zoom)…

physical. I can see it in the waveform.


use of External plugin in Master Section
and is this only dropouts when burning to CD or DDP !?

regards S-EH

Did you try without plugins?

Also in playback of the montage through the external plugin. This does not happen with software mastering limiter plugin. However, software plugin sounds not even close to the Manley Vari Mu Mastering unit.

I think I figured it out. I increased the buffer size from default of 16 to 32 in the Audio Streaming Settings.

With the external plugin, it takes real time to burn a CD. I just listened through and there are no more drop outs with the buffet set to 32.

What exactly does this setting do? And why with external plug in only did this problem arise?

Spoke too soon. I burned another dpp after a few tweaks and there was a very small drop out in the file created.

Very frustrating. I increased the buffer to 64 to see if that helps. I’ll post after I check the results.

What is your audio card buffer size? You should certain not have it under 512 samples, in your ASIO control panel (I am not speaking about the number of buffers).

The card latency was set to 256 samples. I increased it to 512 samples.

I checked the result of the DPP burn at 256 samples and 64 buffer size. No drop outs. So that is good news.

Just to be safe, I decided to burn the DPP to an external 7200 rpm Firewire drive. I am thinking perhaps reading and burning to the laptop internal drive simultaneously is the cause. So I will check this result later.

No dropouts with dpp burn set to 512 samples and 64 buffer. I burned the dpp files to an external firewire drive.