Drop outs

My System…
Cubase 11
UR825 interface
64 bit windows 11
32 GB ram
i7 intel core

new computer, Dell G15
when recording or playback, I get dropouts. System just stops. I must wait for 2-5 minutes and I
can resume.

Need Help.


Test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please.

is that in Cubase?


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Thanks for the link!
Latencymon indicates a problem. Directs me to disable CPU Throttling Settings in Control Panel. I found no such title. It also directed me to update BIOS, all were updated previously.

I still have the issue. The drop outs now only last for 15 seconds.

There are several ways to do it, see



This only occurs in Cubase 11. No other audio apps or software.

LatencyMon indicates…
Highest ISR indicates the issue is ACPI driver
Highest DPC indicates the issue is ACPI driver.


Most probably Cubase is the only software using ASIO driver and audio in real-time.

Correct. Any advice as to what to do about the ACPI driver?
There are up to date.