Dropbox asking for username password since 1.9.7 update

Since I have updated to Cubasis 1.9.7, when I try and upload files to dropbox from the app, it asks me for my dropbox username and password when I first try and access it during a cubasis session.

Is this intended behaviour now ? previously it just asked for permission and not credentials.

same for me, when will this be fixed ?

This behaviour is intended (no bug).


Thanks Lars, I can stop searching for options/settings to give Cubasis permissions in Dropbox, I wish I had a shorter Dropbox username now :laughing:

so WHY is this intended ? actually new behaviour makes no sense for me…

I use it everyday and have not had to re-log in. If it’s not by design, maybe I got lucky. For once, a bug I actually like!

kanegon, which iOS version - I’m on 9.2

iOS 9.2 (13C75)