Dropbox + Cubase

Good evening.
I know it’s stupid but I have used Dropbox as storage for my Cubase projects. Now, when I open a project, Cubase can not find the files because dropbox suddenly have desided to call it “untitled-05” or something instead of the project audio map as before. I have all the files, nothing is deleted, but Cubase can’t find it and sort where they should be in the project. I have tried to point it to the right folder. What can I do to help Cubase understand that all the files are in this map, and put all the clips of 16 guitars at the right place?

**If you have Projects showing up as “Untitled- 05” thats because you havent named the Project itself and Im guessing you are storing it in the default user location? If thats the case then Cubase is looking for those files and most likley they are in your Default Cubase folder on your HD

Also, each Project you want to create a FOLDER for it and not use the DEFAULT location. For instance. If I have a song called Thetos Jam I will select Project Location on my HD and make a FOLDER called THETOS JAM. Once that is done I then save the Project and call it THETOS JAM, now the song THETOS JAM is in the Porject folder called THETOS JAM. I can then drag that into the DropBox folder when Im done. Other option is to create that Project FOLDER inside the DROPBOX folder from the start, either way works.

  1. Question? Did you create a Project Folder for the song and the location was your DropBox folder?

You have two ways to do this I think for your storage:

  1. Create a Project Folder inside the DropBox Folder default location or

  2. Create your Project Folder on your HD and name it, name the Project what it is and save it to that folder and when done drag that folder into the DropBox Folder

  3. Try syncing your DropBox folder if you havent yet

Not trying to confuse, hope this helps

Hi all,
I’m having this same issue with Nuendo 10 and Dropbox client app. I noticed that if I create a self contained project on a different drive and then drag it over to the Dropbox folder, when I go to open that project, it comes up with missing files. The weird thing is that I can’t easily find those missing files either-- I’ll point to the folder which clearly has the files in it, but Nuendo still doesn’t resolve the same way it does on a regular work drive. Feels like a bug or something else going on with DB. I’m going to try creating a Nuendo project in the DB folder first and see if I get the same result. Also going to test if I drag it out of the DB folder to a different work drive, will it open normally. A little unnerving.

Try using “Backup Project…” to move a project folder and it should update the file references automatically.

Using Dropbox as project folder is a recipe for disaster, don’t do it.

Can you explain further? Why?

What I do is use a local drive for the projects and then upload the ones I worked on at the end of the day to dropbox folder. I use a software called Forklift 4 (on mac) and that has a feature to compare one folder with another. I am sure there is other software out there for this. I have never used Dropbox directly to store or record a project.