Dropbox on offline workstation?

I am a happy Dropbox user since a while - for anybody who does not used it yet: It is cool, that way I finally have multiple PCs and Macs (Office PC, various Laptops, PC/Mac) in Sync regarding my office files as well as it works like a charm when sharing session files with clients…

My DAW is of course offline, but I have a Gigabit Lan with a connection to my office system. Usually I use a big transfer folder on my server to transfer files from DAW to the internet and vice versa.

Because in a modern enviroment so much files are transfered via internet it was never a solution to put them on an USB device first which would isolate the audio-systems even better.

But it would be great to have Dropbox on the DAW as well for direct access… But I fear to install that (small) application and I do not know if this will work on an offline system - the sync itself could be done via LAN but I do not know if the application will need a connection to the Dropbox server…

Anyone on this?


Good question.
I have wondered the same thing, and came to the conclusion it would need a connection somewhen along the line.
So we did it a slightly roundabout way.
DropBox is installed to the little internet laptop (the DAW has internet access but only for licensing really) and am accessing files by simply pulling them over our LAN instead. This way, I only get the files I need, I get no problems with server connections, and the risk is all taken by the lappie.

Exactly that way I handle it here :slight_smile: