Dropouts with Windows 8

I recently got a new desktop with windows 8 (64 bit) and have been having dropouts at least every couple of minutes. I also get these dropouts when I click on other programs or open a web page while cubase is open. These dropouts happen only when I have cubase open and channeled through my MR816csx. I do not get these drop outs when I record in cubase through my computers (beats) sound card, I also do not get these dropouts when just the MR editor is open or using my MR816csx to lay down some tracks into Audacity (a free recording program). I have just been using the software that came with the MR816 (CubaseAI4), but downloaded the trial version of Cubase elements 6, (64 bit version) to see if it made a difference, unfortunately the same thing happens in 6. I installed the SIIG FireWire 2-Port PCIe NN-E20012-S2 with TI chipset and use a Black Lion MKII external word clock, I’ve tried switching to the internal word clock, but to no avail. I have tried playing with buffer size, direct monitoring, sample rate, and am completely baffled as to why this only happens when using my MR816 with cubase, can anybody please shed some light on this for me?

I am using an HP Envy h8 1420t with 16 GB ram and intel core i7 processor, the weakest link in my computer is the Intel HD Graphics card, but I think the computer overall should be more than adequate to handle what i’m throwing at it. Although I had other issues on occasion, I did not have this problem in Vista or Windows 7 with the on board 4 pin firewire port on my now dead HP laptop.


Windows 8 pro, Cubase 7.0.1 and Mr816x (even with latest update)
is causing same problems over here. Same configuration with
Cubase 6.5.3 is working well.
I reported this to Steinberg, no reply.

So got back to windows 7 and till now it is working.