Dropped MIDI is being "split"

If i have a MIDI file where there is 6 bars of silence between 2 notes and drag it to a MIDI track in Cubase, Cubase automatically creates 2 blocks instead of inserting one block like it normally does, why is this? Why specifically 6 bars? it doesn’t make any sense to me. This happens in all versions from at least Cubase 6 to 9.
Is there an option to turn it off?

See attachment


The only one I can imagine is, there is a Tempo MIDI information at the 6th bar. This is not imported to the MIDI Track (because this MIDI information belongs to the Tempo Track), so you can’t see it.

Nope, there is no extra tempo/time signature events in the MIDI file, the only events are simple note on/offs.
This is 100% dependant on the time diff between a note off and the next note on.
The image clearly shows this, those 2 files are the same, the only exception is that i added a couple notes in between the 6 bar gap which then stopped the splitting.

I attach the 2 MIDI files for reference.
testMIDI.zip (508 Bytes)

My problem is the exact opposite. I’m playing my midi from my old sequencer kybd. into Cubase 9.5 and it will only record all of the midi on one track. I’ve tried creating a channel for each midi channel number and it still records all of the midi on every track. I have tried exporting it as a Type 0 midi file to drop back in with the auto dissolve Type 0 checked and it will not dissolve it. Selecting the midi and dissolving does not work. It only offers separate notes. The checkbox for separate channels is greyed out and not selectable.

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to make a new thread for this issue.

Could you check the result in the List Editor (or even in the Key Editor, but it’s easier in the List Editor), and check, if the MIDI data are written on different MIDI Channels? If yes, then the Dissolve MIDI Part should work.