Dropping markers

How do I drop a marker at the current cursor position especially a loop marker. Every time I drop a marker using the buttons on the marker track (either marker or loop marker) it always drops it at the beginning of the project and not at my current cursor position. Frustrating. Can’y find it anywhere in the manual.

Ctrl keypad 1 to set start
Ctrl keypad 2 to set end
Keypad 1 to move play cursor to start
Keypad 2 to move play cursor to end
Ctrl keypad 3 to 9 to set ordinary markers
Keypad 3 to 9 to recall.
Keypad 0 to stop, hit it again to return to last position the playback was started

What if I need 24 markers?
I have a recording with 24 parts and I need to render a mixdown for each part,
Can it be done automatically?

You must not be doing something right. I use multiple marker tracks and often drop the markers by clicking on the “Add Marker” buttons on the Active Marker Track. When I click “Add Marker” the marker is added at the exact cursor position. You can also use “Insert” to add markers and “Shift+Insert” add cycle markers.