drum and bass tracks


im new here, but ive been using Cubase for ages,

heres a whole lot of dnb tracks I made, any feedback on the mixdowns would be great!



cheers guys

good stuff ,i like dead room ,it`s exciting and there are some proper scary sounds .

I just had a flick through different sections of a few different tracks. The track I did like was ‘Hold You.’ I can’t really comment on it that technically. There’s nothing that really stuck out as sounding bad and I don’t know the genre well enough to nitpick.

There’s something about the kind of wobbling bass sounds that I just never settle with my ears but I did quite enjoy the track, the melodic hook is simple and catchy. At 2:20 though I thought it could greatly benefit from a bigger sounding string section sustaining chords (properly orchestrated, not just badly panned pads) and a thicker sounding piano, it sounded too thin. Overall though, well done, definitely on the right tracks. I’ve linked it to a non-musician friend that enjoys this genre so I’ll see what he thinks tomorrow.

What is the sound and/or “dipping” effect at 48 seconds?

thanks mate, yeh I love making scary stuff but then I often cant sleep too well later that night cos it messes ur brain up listening to 10 hours of those kinda sounds haha :smiley:

lol they are terribly panned aren’t they! I put them all the way to the right and the vocal or something else all the way left and forgot to check it in mono, so when I played it out, the pad was non existant! fail.

at 48 seconds is a piece of bass with a pitch envelope sliding it down an octave, low passed heavily initially and less so as the sound plays. drum and bass is pretty much all pitch mangled bass :smiley:

thanks for listening guys!