Drum Beats - from one shot samples


Just wondering how you guys create drum beats in cubase.
I find groove agent too small on screen and fiddley to be of any use. The stock samples are no good for modern urban music and so I have numerous folders full of one shot drum samples. Dragging them into groove agent is cumbersome and kills any creativity

Im wondering if there is a way to create drum beats similar to how you can in FL Studio.
In FL i can click on a folder containing samples and the folder opens instantly (unlike cubase) i can left click on the samples to quickly hear it and right click to load it onto a grid to start creating my beats. I can quickly replace the sample used and experiment with drum sounds with ease. I can build drum grooves very quickly.

I use a MacBook pro now and unfortunately a full stable version FL studio isn’t available on Mac as yet. On my old windows machine I used to use FL For beats and drag them into cubase to further produce my song.

How do you guys make drum beats in cubase?
Is there a grid feature in Cubase similar to FL where i can easily drag and replace samples?

I simply want to use one shot drum samples (from within media bay) and drag them onto some sort of grid where i can build a beat. I would like to be able to replace the samples used with ease so i can experiment with sounds.

Sounds easy but I’m struggling to do this in cubase
I hope someone can help me out