Drum Direktor does not sync

Is anyone using Drum Direktor in Kontakt Player with 9.0.20? I can’t get it to sync. The tempo indicator changes when I change Cubase tempo, but it does not play in time. Have tried toggling all sorts of internal/external sync settings. It’s as if it is playing the right tempo, but is not playing in the right position - always a bit ahead or behind the click. I can sometimes be in time if I turn the Drum Direktor sequence off, then on. But once I press stop and start in Cubase, it’s out again.

Drum Direktor works perfectly in Logic, out of the box.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Jeff

A thought…

When I drag in clips using EZDrummer 2 I always need to adjust the timing as it always imports late (not sure why). I adjust it by using the “Track Delay” function found in the inspector. Typically I need to adjust it to approx -43.00ms but this setting is not the same for every project. You mentioned that your timing is varying ahead and behind. If that is coming from the same track then this idea won’t work for you and maybe someone else can assist.

Regards :sunglasses:

I’m having this exact problem. Picked up Drum Direktor From the Garage a while back, and it didn’t sync with Cubase Pro 8 and not now with Cubase Pro 9 after updating either.

Syncs with no issues in Logic Pro X, but I do 90% of my work in Cubase. Kind of unusable at the moment. Sounds seem cool, and could probably get something out of this one if it synced ok. No issues with other Kontakt instruments in Cubase.