Drum Editing Advice Needed Please

Hi everybody, I have a question for those of you who edit/slice/quantize drums:

I slice my edited drum performances and then quantize to the appropriate grid (usually 16th or 32nd note). This usually works great but the song I am working on now has drum parts that don’t work with a 32nd note grid. Basically, if I quantise the audio with a 32nd grid about 85% of the drum performance sounds good but there are some parts that would need to be quantized to a 16th note grid.

I am dealing with 11 drum tracks (all in a folder) with multitrack editing on…

I was thinking I could use separate ‘‘track versions’’ to quantize the drums with a 32nd and then 16th note grid and copy and paste tracks from one track version into the other.

Besides doing this does anyone have any good tips!?

I would be very grateful!