Drum Editor - Always on Top

Hi, is it possible to set the Drum Editor (or MIDI Editor) to be “always on top” when opened? It´s always overlaped by other windows (e.g. VST) which are set as “always on top”, but “a.o.t” option is not selectable in Drum Editor window


If you right-click to the header and the option is nit here, there is no way. I’m sorry.

That´s a pity. Would be a good idea for an update in the future, as this could be standard for all windows.

Thanks anyway.

Yes, I’ve searched for this function(keep the midi/drum editor on top) too. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t there. You can pin your editor to the lower pane, but that’s not the same(eg I don’t like it)

+1 for this feature

I also think Death is blowing in the split window
File > Key Command > Editors > Open key(drum) editor (for example press - and _ button )

this is only with this method

Not sure what size screen you’re on, but using the Drum Editor in the Lower Zone might work for you? I’ve adapted to that. If I want the editor larger, I’m working in it full screen. Even the In-Place Editor is sometimes good for a quick track adjustment.

Sorry Stephen for delay in reaction… the annoying fact that it can´t be set as “always on top” has brought me back to the thread again, currently even with Cubase 10. Unfortunately I´m on 15,6" laptop screen, though with additional 21.5" lcd screen, but I´m not always with the second monitor, so “lower zone” does not work for me. It is really shame that everytime I open the Drum Editor window I must close all the “always-on-top” windows so that I can see the Drum Editor.

If guys from Steinberg were active musicians (maybe some of them are), they would find out very quickly how annoying it is that one can not set the Drum Editor window as “always on top”.

Is there any wishlist for tips for next updates/versions from users? :confused:


There is generic Feature Request thread on the forum.