Drum Editor - Copy/Paste of multiple notes to another position not working

Hi there,
recently I´ve noticed that when I want to copy multiple notes in the Drum Editor and paste them on another positon (key), Cubase always pastes them on the same line (key), not to the one which I select with a mouse. It actually doubles the notes on the same original line. I swear it used to work in the past… What´s wrong?


I was just testing in Cubase 9.5 and it behaves the same way. You cannot change the pitch while moving or copying.

Do you know a version where did it work?

Hi Martin,
thank you for reacting. I had Cubase 9 Elements before, as far as I remember it work without issues, I did layers this way pretty often. Now I have Elements 10.

Edit: now it occured to me, that I should have the older version C9 still on my HDD, still functional, I believe… I will test it.


I have just tested it in Cubase 9.5, Cubase 9, Cubase 8, and Cubase 7.5. It starts with Cubase 9. This is the case only if you select multiple pitch. If you select only one pitch, you can change it.

Hi Martin
what do you mean by “multiple pitch”? I simply select all the notes on only one key from the whole line or a few bars, copy it (by ctrl+c or from the menu) then choose another key, paste it - and it pastes all the NOTES (not keys) always on the same key from where I want to copy the notes! that’s crazy, such a basic procedure should work as expected like in other milions of other softwares…


Yes, I mean notes of multiple keys.

I see, now I understand your scenario… Then I was talking about something totally different.

Your expectation is, the notes are pasted to the Pitch you select before Paste? Did it work like this in the past? I would be quite surprised. I don’t expect the notes are pasted to the Pitch you select.

Yes, I believe that everyone would expect this, like e.g. copying the content of one line in an Excel table and then pasting them into another line…

I can’t claim with certainty that it worked in the past, but it might have worked, as I remember doing layers this way many times.

Imagine you need to do a complete copy (layer) of the notes of a pitch on a new pitch in the whole track. How should it be done? If by inserting all the notes again, then sorry, it’s like a bad joke…

P.S. I made a mistake in my previous post, corrected (in capitals)

There are a couple of ways to do it.

  1. You select the notes and copy paste them, then the pasted notes will still be selected and you just use up/down keys to move them to new pitch.
  2. Use the Logical editor to do it.

KHS, yes, that works! Thank you. Most probably I did it this way also in the past, I was sure that I had to do somehow, forgot… thought that it had been copy/paste into chosen pitch. I feel a bit ashamed that I wasn’t able to come up with it :confused: Anyway, would be nice if it pasted into the pitch chosen, not in the same