Drum editor - double/ghost notes

In Cubase 10’s drum editor - if I try to delete a note (using the drumstick tool and clicking the red diamond), it sometimes adds a note underneath it - even when snap-to-grid is on - unless I perfectly click within a few pixel area directly in the middle of the diamond.

I never had this issue in any previous version, and I’ve been a user since 2005. Can anybody reproduce this? I searched the version history and this message board for something similar and couldn’t find anything.

Cubase 10 Pro, now on latest, .20 version
Windows 10 Home

  1. Create a new session
  2. Create a MIDI track
  3. Draw in a midi region
  4. Open this region in the drum editor
  5. Turn on the ‘snap’ to grid thing
  6. Use the drumstick tool and click in a hit on one of the beat grid lines
  7. Now click just slightly away from the center line, to the left or right, but not far enough away it snaps to the next beat
  8. Click the center of the diamond to remove the note. Notice that there was another diamond under the other for the duplicated hit, both snapped to the grid line.

If you play a track with a drum instrument the duped notes will trigger the associate sample super loud. It makes create drum tracks by hand super tedious.

Yep, can confirm the same behaviour here. I seem to remember it sometime happening in previous versions, but it’s much more prevalent in 10 - very frustrating!

Is there anything to do from here? This is the first bug I’ve submitted. Just hope somebody at Steiny see this post? Edit: Just read a sticky, I just it’s just wait and hope.

I can wait, I guess - I’m still finishing a project in Cubase in 9 so I won’t be using 10 again until the next project comes along.

@OP: Just tested: Can’t comfirm that behaviour, seems to work just fine for me.
But i am on OSX (10.14.4).
Issues experienced in Cubase windows version don’t have to be apparant in Cubase mac version also (and vice versa).

Warm Regards.

Thanks for trying. I did forget to include in my original post that I’m on the PC version, Windows 10. Interesting that it may not be a problem on OSX.

This issue was not resolved in the 10.0.20 update, if anybody was curious. I must be one of the few people using the drum editor…? It’s practically my lifeblood.

Went ahead and updated my first post with info and steps so Steiny has all the info they want when the do the next round of checking.