Drum Editor events must align to existing audio track

I need to make new drum events (for example, a single hit of a Cross Stick) align exactly with the audio track above that has the waveform showing exactly where the drum hit should be. Then, a little further over in the audio track make another drum event etc. In other words, I’m creating a new drum background to align precisely with the old audio file. I will eventually discard the old audio file.

While using the Drumstick tool in the Drum Editor window, I need to see a simultaneous cursor line in the audio track window.

In other words, a synchronized cursor in both windows so that the slightest adjustment of the Drumstick tool in the Drum Editor is shown directly in the audio track above so I can align the drum hit.

Any clues would be deeply appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

You can either create a Grid out of your audio file, or you can open the MIDI data in the In-Place editor and align the MIDI data here.