drum editor Grid triplet and tools in midi editor problem !?

just upgraded to cubase 10,need to get used to the new GUI and some changes in workflow,overall seems ok :stuck_out_tongue:
3 things i noticed hard on my workflow are(and some bugs ill report later probably if they occur again)
1: in drum editor when quantize set to triplets the grid shows straith,should i change setting or is it a bug ? on C9.5 i see the triplet grid
2:is it possible to see menu and tools together as before ? right now its either tools or menu(,but on control+right click its shows the menu)
3:i could color tracks in project by alt+right click on track color area,no more with C10 ?


  1. Make sure the Grid Type is set to Use Quantize.

  2. Does it mean, your Toolbar is hidden behind the menu? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

  3. Right, the colouring option has been removed from the Track list. You can change the color in the Inspector > Track name tab.

1:yep i figured it :sunglasses:
2:i thought maybe i could see the tools and the new short menu together on right click
3:so basically its more clicks,click every track to go to the inspector, and it wont color multiple selected tracks :unamused: guess ill need to use the new color plate then.
wonder why they don’t add the ability to color multiple selected channels in mixconsole,maybe next updates :exclamation:

  1. I see, you mean the right-click context menu.