Drum editor help or advice

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Ok,so Im coming up to nearly two years using Cubase :open_mouth: ,not as often as I would like,due to having a job outside music

Really kind of embarrassed to ask, but how would I use the drum editor with 3rd party drum libraries?As in setting up so the drum sounds match the editor?
Apologies if Im not that clear,

Only I got a nice collection and would like to use them. I have heard a lot of good things about the editor,but I haven’t (as yet) comes across anyone using a 3rd party drum library only with GrooveAgent SE 5

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What you need are Drum Maps for whatever VSTi you want to use as drums. Then the drum names will appear in the Drum Editor. Some instruments will let you automatically generate a Map that matches the instrument’s internal mapping (it’s an option where you load maps onto a Track). Steinberg products like GA will do this, but most 3rd party VSTi’s won’t. I use BFD3 all the time and it can also generate a map, but that’s the only one I know of.

If you can’t automatically generate one then it needs to be built by hand. Fortunately a lot of folks have done this work and are willing to share. There is a thread on here that has a whole bunch of maps for different VSTi’s posted, so do a search for that. Also check the manufacturer websites/forums for specific Drum VSTi’s to see if they have maps for Cubase. And a google search for ‘cubase drummaps PRODUCTNAME’ can turn up others. Worst case is to make one by hand.

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Thank you for your help
I might have to make a drum maps myself .I have a nice selection of drum libraries, from Heavyocity ,Soundiron etc

Could I use the drum editor as is,or to edit the drum pattern (as I have done in the past via the piano editor,in my other Daws)?

Have to look into making my own drum maps too

Of course you can use the drum editor as is. The thing is, individual drum sounds probably won’t be mapped properly unless the drums follow the basic general midi standard. It’s not hard to create your own drum maps. Read the manual. It will take a bit of time, but once you have them, back them up, and you are good for years.

Toontrack EZX and SDX except for expansion packs that have been released in the past 3 years are readily available. I never understood why, but Toontrack took their drum maps for Cubase down about 4 years ago and have never added them back. But they are available from users if not downloadable from the www. I haven’t seen any from Heavyocity or Soundiorn, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask around.

Thanks Greggybud :slight_smile:

I had a quick look in the manual,but will look around too. Looks kind straightforward.
And of course will look at the manuals for Heavyocity and Soundrion,I’m sure they have some sort of schematic for the how the drum hits are placed on the keyboard.

Thinking I could use those,as a reference and create my own custom maps

You should probably post a list here of the specific maps you are looking for - never know who might have what.

HI Ambientdave,
DEFINITELY learn how to create your own, i can map a five piece kit with half a dozen cymbals plus articulations in BFD3 in well under 15mins from scratch, and i have Arthritis and middle age presbyopia :wink:
They’re INCREDIBLY powerful and as you seem to have realised already, are pretty straightforward.
The drum editor is great once it’s using a decent map, it’s possible to trigger multiple instruments on multiple channels with a mix of VSTi and external gear, all from one screen for starters. imho, like Control Room, it’s one of the most overlooked parts of Cubase, of course if you’re just going ‘boom tst boom tst’ it’s probably overkill.

Yes It’s pretty quick +straighforward to do your own maps once you get the hang of it but if you have a few products it can save a bit of time if you can find them shared somewhere online.

I don’t use Heavyocity or Soundiron but do use a fair few of the Toontack libraries. I Found most of the Cubase drum maps I needed were alreadyshared by other users on the Tooktrack user forums. Might be worth looking on the relevant user forums for your products?

You didn’t say what software you are using. BFD3 or Superior Drummer etc. I bought Modo Drum to use for a number of General midi groove I have that never seemed to translate to BFD3 that well. In the end I created a Drum Map for BFD to general Midi to be able to use Modo Drum with BFD grooves. It was easy except for trial and error with different cymbal types and cymbal articulation.

You never know there might be Cubase users who could help you out.

Im not using any drum software as .What I want to do,is to use my 3rd party drum sample libraries from Soundiron and Heavyocity,etc .Instead of programming the notes in the piano roll (like I have previously mentioned)
Thought I could use the drum editor instead,

I have Toontrack EZ drummer 2 but using it right now


Thanks a lot everyone for your help :slight_smile:

Going to do some more research. I have had a look in Soundiron and Heavyocity manuals,they have details of where the drum sounds are on the piano roll
So prob look into those as a reference

I’ve noticed several folks referring to building drum maps for BFD.

You don’t need to do that for BFD3, as Cubase will happily build a map for you.