Drum editor: Key command to select next note and stay on same pitch

For editing midi in the drum editor.

Id like a modifier key assigned to left and right arrows so I can select the next midi note on the same pitch.

For example, if i’m editing hi-hats but also have kicks, snares, claps etc… as part of the pattern. Currently the right and left arrrow will tab through each instrument but I want to concentrate on the hihats.

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Yes! I requested exactly this years ago, but nothing’s changed. I find the inability to go to the next note really surprising as it seems so obvious to me how useful this is in the drum editor. It’s a basic function that has been overlooked.

That’s the thing that frustrates me with Cubase. Rather than adding more bells and whistles, they should devote a bit more time to tightening up the loose ends. Here’s one: in the MixConsole, if I want to delete a channel, I can’t use the short cut (which clearly is visible when clicking on the Project tab above). The short cut works well in the Project View. Anyway, thanks for bringing this up!

Thanks for the message Jariya… if you have any votes left this month then mayby give it a vote. apparently that what the’re looking for with feature requests! I’d imagine it would be a fairly simple one to implement

Hmmmm, not sure what you mean by “votes.” I guess I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to the latest forum options. Anyway, there are a number of obvious bugs, quirks, basic things that have been mentioned by users over the years that should have been corrected (implemented) by now, and I’m sure HQ is well-aware of them without the need to institute “voting” gimmicks. Voting for new features makes sense to me, however. My point is that they should devote a bit more resourcess to fixing the long-existing issues.

Here’s another: in the Project view, I can select several channels and change their color. Not possible in the MixConsole (as I’m aware). I can only change the color of one channel at a time. I spend equal time between the full project and console views. It’s frustrating to have to switch back and forth to trigger an action that should clearly be doable in both. Happy music making!

Yeah Im aware of that one too…

The voting option is to the top left of the page - you just click on it to vote! I think you get a certain amount of votes a month or something like that !!

It does seem like a missing command.

For a temporary workaround, it’s possible to make a couple simple Logical Editor presets to move selected drum notes. Assign them to keystrokes, and bob’s your uncle.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for that but that is too move selected midi notes (as you said) … though I am talking about selecting notes.

Currently, the right or left arrow keys select the next or previous note in a pattern. However, it cycles through all notes in the pattern in chronological order.

I’d like a Key Command that selects the next note on the same pitch (or drum sample) and doesn’t select other drum samples.

Hihats are a good example as I may have a hihat roll that id like to adjust the timing of individual notes (using similar logical preset that you suggested - moving by 1 midi tick etc).

At the moment if I use right/left arrow key it cycles through other drum hits like kick, snare, clap etc… that are in the pattern. I just end up selecting with my mouse but I love flying around Cubase with Key commands - way more fluid.

Would be cool if they implemented it and fairly easy id imagine.

Geez. Don’t know what I’m thinking! Of course. Apologies.

Cool… no worries