Drum editor mute button not visible

The drum editor’s mute on/off button is very difficult to see. I use Windows 11 with the latest Nvidia studio drivers. I am using Cubase 12.0.50. I have the same problem on my desktop and laptop. Does anyone know how to fix this?
See attached screenshot.

Where’s that version of the drum editor then?

I just checked mine and it’s completely different/older format:

I’m guessing that what you’ve shown there will adapt based on the colour settings. It’s the white dot on the selected pitch which you’re having an issue with, correct? i.e. you can see the black mute dots ok?

Edit: Oh, I got it, never expanded that left section before - I see where you are now. I don’t think you can do anything about it, sadly. You can open the pop-up window as i’ve displayed is perhaps the best solution?

Thanks. Opening the pop-up window will work. But it would be nice to see what is muted in the drum editor itself.

Oh totally agree, if it’s any consolidation I can see the black dot fine on your screenshot, the white is a real struggle. Just making sure you can see the black ok - as you may need to tweak monitor if not.

All they need to do is reverse the black so it’s white and vice versa. Although whether this will ever be picked up is anyone’s guess.

Can you tag this as an issue?

To my knowledge, there is no solution, and I totally agree.

I would suggest adding this in the Feature Request area.

The feature is there. Steinberg just used improper colors to display the mute status.

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Unless I’m mistaken with @skijumptoes, the issue is focus. The white on the white dot, but only when in focus. Therefore a change in color when focused only?

Yes, the feature exists. However I don’t think it would hurt to add it also as a Feature Request. :wink:

The mute indicator has its own color regime. If they would program it in such way that it would use the color behavior of everything else in the line all would be fine.

The same occurs in other places like the Inspector settings where we can rearrange and pin the tabs, when a tab is highlighted and you pin it, the Pin icon is simply invisible (because white on white) and we need to select another tab to see if it’s really enabled. Top notch design, really.