Drum Editor No Volume From Whites on Playback

Hi im starting to delve into Groove Agent.
Basically i can enter notes using drumstick stool and then towards the end of the drum pattern
some notes become muted when entering the note
I dont hear any sound
When i click on these white muted notes with the select tool i can hear them.
But when i play back the drum pattern there is no sound from the muted notes.
Sorry for such a basic question,thanks gus

I think white notes are generally muted in Cubase so that’s my guess for Groove Agent as well?

Thanks, thats my problem,i dont know why they are muted,

Maybe you dragged over them with the mute tool and selected without noticing? :wink:
Use the mute tool again and they will be unmuted. Either drag a rectangle around all the white notes or click at them one by one.

Reinstalled groove agent and everythin seems fine