Drum Editor_Old Notator Feature Request

Notator had one feature in the Drum Editor that I used all the time to get hi hats, etc, sitting just right in the drum mix. It was called Delay. In conjunction with it’s amazing humanize algorithm, you could delay any drum in the kit either forward or backward by using the plus sign or minus sign until it felt just right.
This can be done in Cubase, but, it’s just not as easy as selecting the hi hat, going to the delay window and start moving it while listening…or am I missing something ?


You can simply Delay any MIDI/Instrument track in the Inspector.

If you would use a dedicated track for the Hi-Hats, you can use it the very same way.

Yes, I know this, but, if you could it within the Drum Editor, you can play with the feel of each component of the kit…shifting the high hat forward, shifting the snare back, ride cymbal slop + lateness, etc…as you go,….working with the percussion feel within the drum editor could be awesome.

…or shift-double-click select and move by frame, sample, or maybe 128th note?

Use a logical editor preset after selecting, and you can have a dedicated keystroke for each percussion instrument,

or based on selection

Wouldn’t it be better to just have a box in the drum editor, right beside “Snap” in the left hand column, per instrument, called Delay ?

Apparently, I don’t think so. But that has no impact on your request.

You can just Select the Notes for the Hats (or whatever) and on the Info Line the Start field will show the value for the first Selected Note. But if you change the value here it will move all the Selected Notes by the same relative amount. You can also drag the value in the Start field to move the Events. I do this all the time and it lets you move things by very small amounts (Ticks?).

This is from the Key Editor, but it works the same.

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So far, the solutions include the Inspector, the Logical Editor and the Key Editor (I think ?). I’m guessing that the Drum Editor doesn’t get much use ?

My solution in the key editor is to right click the key assigned to the hi hat, click select note-same octave, and then move then entire hi hat backwards or forwards.

But, these are all solutions outside of the Drum Editor and all take several steps to do.

Inside the Drum Editor, you have to disable Quantize/Snap, then select all the hi hat notes and move them. Again, a few steps. But, what if you moved it too much/too little ?

A Delay Box/Window would allow the movement by increments and then the correction by increments until all felt just right. Anyway, that’s my feature request.

In the Drum Editor, as I pointed out in my previous post,it works works exactly the same as in the Key editor - drag the value in the Start field on the Info Line. No need to disable Snap.

Did you even try my suggestion?

OK, pretend the item I’ve circled below is named Delay Box. Congratulations your feature request has magically appeared - click and drag in the Delay Box until it feels just right.

Ahh…am trying as I write…very nice…yes, that works. Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad raino’s solution works for you.
BTW - Notator did not have a Drum Editor and what you showed on the screenshot is indeed the equivalent to a single track with a dedicated midi channel. So, the delay paramter changes the entire track. Just as Cubase does.

Hmm…well it’s been 40 years…but here’s a screenshot of what I called the drum editor, but from this article, it was called the Matrix Editor. Yes, each item in the kit did have a dedicated box called DLY.

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Beat Designer lets you set delays on Lanes.