Drum editor problem cubase 5.5.3

Hey all, i have a very frustrating problem when using the drum editor, theres probably a very simple thing that im doing wrong…
I will make an example of whats going wrong. In C1 i have a kick drum, in d#1 i have a snare… and i want to change the velocity of the notes i have put in the kick drum thats in c1, so i select c1 so thats its highlighted and the current velocity shows down the bottom, but each time i go to change the velocity, for some reason the second i click to change the velocity it selects d#1 shows the snare velocity and changes the velocity of my snare… i dont want that… i just want to change the velocity of my kick… Any ideas ? Thanks.

Apologies, if any of my “reading between the lines” is wrong ( :wink: ), but

  1. I presume that, before you clicked on the C1 lane, a snare event (on the D# lane) was selected (highlighted)?
  2. You say “when I go to change the velocity”, are you doing so in the Info Line at the top?
    If “yes” to both the above, then just be aware that 1) the Info Line always reflects the selected event, and 2) by simply clicking on the C1 lane, you didn’t actually de-select the event on the D# lane, therefore it remains the active event in the Info Line. (btw, that has changed in Cubase 6, where clicking on the left does deselect the events)
    The safest thing to do in this instance, therefore, is to change lanes by clicking directly on the event, rather than just in the lanes column on the left.

Somewhat on topic: Is there an easy way to select all notes on a specific pitch (IE select all kickdrums). I know I can drag select but that requires me to zoom all the way out and then fiddle around with my (worthless) laptop mouse.
Clicking on the name just selects the name and let’s me edit it.

I need it because my drumkit has some crosstriggering on the snare and rim.

Shift+double click on a note, selects it and all notes of the same pitch to its right. (so to select All, Shift+ double click on the very first one :wink: )