drum editor - View only used drums

I come from Logic, which has a “Collapse view option.” This makes it so the piano roll collapses to only view the notes you have in your parts. To me this never made sense in the key editor (though I can imagine rare instances where it could be useful) but it makes perfect sense for a drum editor!

I would be awesome if Cubase could have a similar “Collapse view option,” to show only the notes / midi events that are in the editor. This would be great in the drum editor to only show the drums that actually have notes recorded on them. For example, not using the cowbell, Tamborine, vibraslap, bongos, etc - you no longer see it in the drum editor. Or better yet, say your beat only has bass drum, snare, hat & cymbals - hit this view option to only see these events.

Hopefully this makes sense and might be implemented.



+1 That would be a great workflow improvement in the drum editor. Please add this ASAP :sunglasses:


Amongst all of the key editor enhancements needed especially on drum editors, this really needs to happen, at least it would be 50% of the battle.


Please consider this.

+1. I spend a lot of time dragging used notes to the top so I can see all at once. To do it in a single click would be great. I’d want the ability to show single empty notes too, though – for when I wish to add a part!

+1 Makes writing easier while traveling

+1 :slight_smile:

Your wishes have been fulfilled in 8.5 :mrgreen: