Drum grace notes

Trying to create a sequence of grace notes in a drum set. Dorico insists on creating a chord out of the grace notes even though chord is not enabled.

Trying to duplication the top line in the image below but the two grace notes aren’t cooperating.


Yes, I’m afraid I don’t think you can do this at the moment. Each grace note of course belongs to a different instrument in the kit, and so those grace notes are input at the same position as each other: each instrument has a single grace note at the position immediately before the rhythmic quarter note. I’m not sure how we would be able to sort this out – we will need to think about it.

This is a pretty big limitation. I’m 5 bars in to my first attempt to use drum kit and this has me wondering to even consider using it further. I hope someone can recommend a workaround.

I was able to get this to work after all. I went back and watched the percussion video for like the 5th time and saw some examples of more than one grace note. So there had to be a way to do it. Just enter the grace notes on the same instrument and then move one of them using alt-arrow.

Thanks for the workaround !

Ah, of course, that was the thing I was struggling to remember. Well done! (I was going to ask Andrew, the developer who did most of this work, about it when he gets back from his well-earned long weekend off, but now you’ve figured it out.)

It should be noted, that this workaround won’t work anymore in version 4.1.
I couldn’t find a new workaround (like inputting all 2 notes togethen, then delete the opposite one).
Any help would be appreciated!

Does it work again in 4.2 (the current one, actually…)?

It doesn’t work here on Mac/Monterey and Dorico 4.2


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