Drum kit compatibility GA 4 and 5

I have upgraded to GA 5 after a long while away. When downloading drum kits via Download Assistant, (Simon Phillips. etc) I see versions listed for GA 4 and GA 5. Are these different, supplemental, complementary? Should I only download and install the GA 5 versions? File sizes are considerably different for some of the kits.

7 months old, and no answers to this??!

I just upgraded Cubase Pro from 10.5 to 11, and wanted to do some file cleanup and saw that I had both GA 4 AND GA 5 drumkit (additional releases) on my downloaded/installers disk. Some of the GA 5 files were empty?

So, maybe when I updated GA 4 to GA 5, the program download installer only added what it needed? Just a guess.

I have looked around for an answer, but none to be found.

Same questions as above:

Are the 4 and 5 version files complimentary to each other? Supplemental? Redundant? Do I just install GA 5 versions now?

If you go to the Steinberg Download app it suggest content for GA5. Download this, yes. As to whether the Steinberg Library keeps the files that came with GA4 vs. GA5, open the Library, click on Groove Agent, Scroll down to Simon Phillips and then click ‘Details’ on the bottom right of the Simon listing. Then you will see the sound files.

Are they different than what was in GA4? Are they the same? Do the math, add up the various files as to the amount of gigabyte info and find out.