Drum Kit displays in different order from Drum Kit Editor

I am currently trying out the trial version of Dorico 2.

I have created a simple drum kit using the options in the player setup. I have used the 5-line staff layout.

The kit consists of Kick drum, Snare drum, Hi-hat, and two tom-toms.

In the kit editor, I have put the kit in the following order on the five lines (top to bottom) - Hi-hat, Tom-tom, Snare Drum, Tom-tom, Kick drum.

However, in the displays for editing and engraving, the five-line staff reads from top to bottom in the order I added the instruments. Thus (from top to bottom) the display shows Kick drum, Snare drum, Hi-hat, Tom-tom 1, Tom-tom 2.

I have tried playing around with the voicings and stem directions, but nothing changes it. I have checked in the notation options and they are setup as I would expect for a drum kit.

Have I missed something obvious? Any help appreciated.

As a test and learning experience, have you tried starting with an existing kit and removing the items you do not want?

Thank you for replying.

I originally looked in the program for an existing kit but couldn’t find any listed under the percussion sections. Where might they be?

Make sure that you’re looking at the right part of the Edit Percussion Kit dialog: the three different tabs in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog all allow you to set an independent order, so you must make sure you set the appropriate order for the presentation type you’re using in the layout. You might give this video a try.

Thank you Derrek & Daniel.
I don’t know why I missed the drum sets in the unpitched percussion list - thanks for pointing them out.
I’ve solved the problem. I was looking at the right tab in the editor (5-line staff) - it was the layout options in the Write window that I needed to tweak (as evidenced by the appearance of the added default kit.) The online help showed me how to do that, and I now have my kit showing as I expect.
Thanks again to both of you.

P.S. to the above - thank you, Daniel for the link to the video - excellent and useful.

The Dorico YouTube channel is an absolute treasure trove of helpful videos. I’d recommend working your way through them as you get more familiar with the software – they’re an excellent resource and a great counterpart for the online docs.