Drum kit in key editor / play mode and general drum-related problems

Hi everyone, I’m trying to write a drum kit part and I’d like to use a grid-based editor (as in the diamonds-on-a-grid type that I saw in a demo video), but I seem to only be able to see a piano roll for one part of the kit at a time. Can anybody help?

Edit: I tried to record the part in directly with a MIDI keyboard, but am experiencing some weirdness. The MIDI keyboard works perfectly until I hit record, at which point no drums are triggered. I then hit stop, and the drums remain silent when I hit the keys, until I switch to another staff and then go back. I tried recording a bass part and it worked perfectly. Any ideas, please?

There’s no grid-based editor in Dorico. If you have a software that does this and you like it, by all means, use it and export the file (MIDI or XML are fine). For instance, I like using Superior Drummer’s 3 abilities to create / modify grooves, which I export into Dorico to have a proper notation inside the score.

Are you sure? I’m certain I saw Anthony Hughes demo this! Unless I dreamed it…?

The grid notation has nothing to do with what you have in Cubase or Superior Drummer’s interface! It’s a classic notation with one-line staff per percussion instrument, all line bracketed together and usually more compact than the one-staff-line notation.

I might be missing some knowledge here then (I am new to this).

To be clear: I’m familiar with the Superior Drummer style grid and I thought I saw something similar to this demo’d in Dorico 4’s key editor (i.e. the window that appears at the bottom of the screen in which you can edit notes via a piano roll). Are you saying that what I saw was something else?

I don’t fully understand your point around one-line staff per percussion instrument. I’m familiar with drum notation - is this what you are talking about?

The issue I am having (and the reason for my question in the first place) is that I am not very quick at writing in intricate drum parts in notation and would like to use either my MIDI keyboard to record them in (which isn’t working at the moment - see my OP) or to be able to use a grid-style editor (or failing that the piano roll). Even if the grid-style editor is not available, the piano roll only shows one element of the kit, which makes it not practical to use. Any help would be gratefully received. I’m working on the iPad, so switching over to Logic (which I am familiar with!) or SD3 aren’t options for me.

Please be kind :slight_smile:

I’m always answering with a kind mindset — trying to help, although maybe my English is not good enough to convey this :pray:
I tried to find some Ohana pages that show clear grid notation but so far I haven’t found them in the internet…

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Totally fine :slight_smile: I am a typical English person who can’t speak any other languages fluently so I have lots of respect for those who do :slight_smile:

In Dorico 3.5 and earlier, there was indeed a special drum editor in Play mode that allows you to add notes directly, but I’m afraid that editor is currently not included in Dorico 4, as it is one of the remaining editors that we have yet to re-implement in our new, rebuilt Play mode.

If you don’t have access to Dorico 3.5 (because you started with Dorico 4), let me know: I could provide you with a temporary license for Dorico 3.5 that you could use for the time being.

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OMG I think I have never used it! :scream:
Sorry for my misleading comments.

Ah! Thank you so much - I think I am fine for now and will wait (I am on iPad for the moment so it might be a bit longer down the line, which is understandable). I really appreciate the offer though!

I saw the demos of this feature for Dorico 3.5 and now realised it is not available on Dorico 4. Will this feature be available any soon? I think that the only really useful use of the key editor would be for drum kits in my case.

The percussion editor will indeed be returning to Dorico 4 in a future (free) update.

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