Drum kits in key editor - show velocity lane for only the selected notes/track?

I run into this conundrum often when trying to do velocity fine tuning in the key editor for drum kits… it can be quite hard to adjust the velocity of only the selected notes when they are overlapping on top of many other velocities at the same time, and also they all have the same color making it nearly impossible to tell which is which (if they are playing the same rhythm):

Gets especially tricky with this kind of selection, trying to adjust the velocity of the selected notes in orange, but wanting to do a swell with the line tool.

Unfortunately when you try the line tool it will adjust all velocities on other drums/cymbals, basically everything shown here in the velocity lane which I do not want. It would be really nice to be able to only see velocity for what is selected, or maybe separate each one out into individual lanes which are color coded… I looked around but couldn’t find a way?

Hi @wing, you can select the single instruments in the drop down menu on the bottom left, and select the one you want to edit there (also achievable selecting the tracks of course…):

But it also works in write mode, with the panel showing the key editor:

Alternatively (if you want to maintain the visualisation of all instruments in the kit) you can use the Transform tool only for some notes, selecting them, and further refining which notes must be edited, dragging the area that you want to edit with the tool:

You can also use the Histogram and its tools to adjust only the selected notes, for larger scale changes:

And here an explanation of the tool , video starting at 5:11:

A tipp: you can activate the Velocities editor twice, one with the Transform tool, and one with the Histogram at the same time, to visualise all your changes in an unprecedented powerful view (also very useful to learn/visualise immediately how the Histogram influences the velocities):