Drum Loop Expansion 01 - missing loops

OSX 10.6.x, C6.5.x

Ok this was working fine last week, but today I’m loading a project that uses two loops from ‘Drum Loop Expansion 01’ and they are reported as missing (04 140 Attack Beat-a.wav, 05 144 DrumsB.wav)

When I open the Media Bay and look under VST Sound, I see Drum Loop Expansion 01 with a sub-folder of ‘Audio Files’ but no media of any kind listed underneath. Yes I’ve rescanned it.

The file ‘Drum Loop Expansion 01.vstsound’ is present under /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound and is 449.4MB in size.

I re-installed the VST Sound Collection Vol. 1 from Steinberg’s FTP server, but no change.

I scanned the drive with disk utility, there were some minor errors which I repaired, and I restored the Drum Loop Expansion 01.vstsound from a backup taken in April just in case it was corrupted - no change.

Reading around I see people with similar issues talking about licensing issues for Sequel…?

…ok I’ve resolved it by editing the Cubase preferences and telling Media Bay to scan unknown file types and now all my drum loops are back (WHY??? is this suddenly a problem???)

There goes a night’s work.

I knew there was a reason I rarely use Media Bay.