Drum Loop phenomenon

THis is really not a tech issue, probably just my lack of “drumming knowledge”! I bought some loop that were “odd timings”. I dropped a 7/8 loop into my empty project. I repeated it a bunch of times. Play the project and it sounds fine. But it has no timing relation to the click track. Added a tempo track, and the loop follows the tempo, but still doesn’t follow the click. My question is, do I change the time signature of the project? If so, how?
If I drop a 7/8 loop in the project and add one more, I can’t put them end to end because the loop is longer than a measure and the second loop wants to snap to the grid. If I just “repeat” the loop, it places the loops end to end.

Ultimately, I want to be able to use odd timing loops and add 4/4 loops in series, while being able to use the click track and adding midi instruments!
Any ideas?

You can add a time signature track much like you can add a tempo track, allowing the time and the project grid to line up.

Right click in the track list colum and select Add Signature Track. With the track added, use the pencil tool and click where you want to change the time signature and a tab will appear where you can add the time signature required through out the song.

Thanks so much! I’ll give it a try!