Drum map and expression map

So after I made a drum map for an instrument, the expression map is not working.
I can switch the sound slot using the remote, but it does not effect the VSTi.
Is the drum map blocking the expression map?

This is happening with all the tracks I try it on. I don’t like this. I don’t want to remap the note input/output. I want the same keys to play alternate techniques.


Drum map and expression map on the same track?

Drum Maps>I-Notes, O-Notes, and Pitches

A drum map is a kind of filter that transforms notes according to the settings in the map. It does this transformation twice; once when it receives an incoming note, that is when you play a note on your MIDI controller, and once when a note is sent from the program to the MIDI sound device.

MIDI Input -> Drum Map: I-Notes to Notes(Pitch) transformation -> Expresson Map: Remote
-> Expression Map: Output -> Drum Map: Notes(Pitch) to O-Notes transformation -> Instrument

Maybe because of this.

If the Expression map is after the drum map in the chain then it would not be the case here of the drum map transforming pitches given that I am using Program Change messages (rather than Note messages) for the remote.

In the expression map, those Program Change messages are converted to Notes to trigger Keyswitches. In any case, those Keyswitches are all the way down starting at C-2, well below where I have anything mapped on my drum map, and they are all set to pass through (I-Note C-2 goes directly to O-Note C-2 etc.).

At least, it works here.
Channels in the Drum Map are correct?

Drum Map>Channel and Output Settings

You can set separate MIDI channels and/or MIDI outputs for each sound in a drum map. When a drum map is selected for a track, the MIDI channel settings in the drum map override the MIDI channel setting for the track.
You can select different channels and/or outputs for different sounds. This allows you to construct drum kits with sounds from several different MIDI devices, etc.

Note MIDI channel settings should have no effect on Program Change channel settings.
Anyway, the drum map is set for all of the note output on MIDI channel 1, which is being received properly on the VSTis (which are either in omni, or set to channel 1).

I am wondering if the drum map somehow blocks Program Change messages by simply not recognizing them.

If I use Program Change to Remote Expression Map Slot, Expression Map and Drum Map combination works here.
I have no more idea.

Thanks anyway!

I appreciate the effort.