Drum map editor for Cubase/ Sample DrumMaps

Hi, I have developed a simple drum map editor for Cubase.
It is available for MacOS and Windows.


  • Supports .csv import and export for editing in other software (e.g. Excel).
  • Multiple simultaneous software launches are possible.

And sample drum maps are available for download.

  • Superior 2/3
  • BFD 2/3
  • Addictive Drum 1/2
  • Steven Slate Drums 4
  • All Naitive Instruments drums
  • T.K.D-G1-Extream

All sound sources are set to play the same articulations on the same notes.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

What is the advantage comparison to Cubase’s editor?

The editing functions themselves are not that different.
The recommended use is to support conversion of csv files so you can edit them in your favorite csv editor or spreadsheet software.

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Like this.

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Oh that’s just part of the Forum’s (very effective) anti-spam defense. Because your account is new, you need to obtain different trust levels to post links, upload files etc. Try editing the post with the link, you probably have the trust level already. The details are in the stuff they sent when you joined.

Thanks for building the tool

For what it’s worth there isn’t any need to build Drum Maps for BFD. It seems to be the only non-Steinberg VSTi that supports the Create Drummap from Instrument feature.


Thanks for letting me know. However, it appears that my account is not authorized to post links yet. I will try later.

I didn’t know BFD had such a useful feature. I hope other Instruments will support it too!

It’s a capability Steinberg put in the VST spec, but hardly anyone implements it. Wish more did.


Hi. Here’s a post I did telling how to get bumped a Trust Level. It’s easy and just takes 10 minutes of scrolling through posts.

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I see, I will read the other posts. Thanks a lot.

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This looks useful, certainly the csv part. Thanks. I’ll have to try it.

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Wow. Didn’t even know there was that possibility for 3rd party VSTs. Now I’m annoyed they aren’t doing it.

The sample drum map had some problems, so I replaced it with a new one.

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