Drum Map from different VST instruments (No output)

I’ve been watching this awesome tutorial :

The speaker explains the way I can route sounds from differents within the same Drum Map Editor window at the time 7:30 in the video. But this happens after I set the Drum Map to GM Drum Map only i.e. I get the options in the window to route from other instruments.

Problem explained here :

However, if I set it to GM, I get to see the options so that I can route sounds from different instruments within the same Drum Map editor window. My problem here is that I can’t hear any sounds if I set “GM Map” in the Inspector.

Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

I restarted Cubase and set the GM Drum Map before getting into the Drum Map Editor, works fine.

I just figured this out myself yesterday, also. You have to engage the GM map then go to drum map set up, load your own map, then go back to the track inspector. Only then does your own map become available to select.
Doesn’t work in instrument tracks though.