Drum map grid problem?

Hey guys and gals; the strangest thing in a decade of using Cubase happened to me today when working with a client (which led to some embarrassment)… The the quantize presets dropdown menu in my drum map randomly became grayed out and drum hits would only snap to random places on the grid. After losing my mind for 20 minutes I wiped my preferences out, started a new session just to make sure everything was running okay and it was- I went back to the session that my client and I were working on and the drum map became useless again. I again started up a new session to test my other drum maps in a clean session and it was the same situation, unusable. The quantize presets worked fine when I would have the normal piano roll selected but not for any drum map in any session(new or old). The only way I fixed it was by exporting the midi from the potentially corrupted session along with the track archives of the audio and deleting all of my preferences; so it seems that once you open a session with a “stuck” drum map; it renders all drum maps unusable until you wipe your preferences. Has anyone else run into this?

You might want to consider putting everything on the beat and adjusting the tempo instead.

I agree with you and have abode by this rule since I started a decade ago; I appreciate your reply but I believe you have misread. Its essentially a lock-up/failure/corruption in the drum maps that renders them basically inoperative unless you revert to the piano roll or trash your preferences.

^ Yup, sometimes it corrupts. Happens to me sometimes.

Either that or after awhile I will lose the ability to drag the notes’ ends - the tool cursor won’t change from arrow to handles.

usually close and open the editor if lucky, if unlucky, restart.

Very unlucky, Cubase will crash. Save before using these editors.

Have you got all your MSXML service packs installed?

good to know- I’m actually shocked that it’s taken me this long to run into this bug (I don’t even know how to report it due to the fact that its completely random; nonetheless it completely de-rails cubase’s drum maps globally until I trash the user prefs so it’s a semi-serious issue) and I know the program like the back of my hand. Just another thing to be paranoid about. Haha.

Gd Dmnit!!! all of my songs are doing this now!!! Good thing I had a paying client in and we had to end early…

I have this problem too. The last time the drum editor got screwed up by an update I had to wait for the next paid upgrade for it to be fixed. I guess Cubase 8 is imminent…just call me an old cynic :imp:

I’m also getting a new error message on shutting down since 7.5.20 - “video engine preloader has stopped working”.

There is nothing wrong with the Drum Map editor.

Glad to hear you haven’t had any problems; unfortunately some of us have- I haven’t run into the issue with 7.5.20 (yet) thankfully.

Make sure all MSXML service packs are up to date and Visual C.

There are a few posts about this problem. Sycophant is a Drum Editor problem denier :laughing:

Hi thermionic,

I actually prefer how the drum editor works in Cubase 7, compared to previous versions.

Maybe it is a case of getting used to it.

I’ve been getting used to it for about thirty years sycophant. I started with the Pro 24 drum editor problem on the Atari 1024. Go and teach your grandma to suck eggs.

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PS: Cubase crashes often when driven thru a Mesa Boogie Mk 3/4/5 amp. Known bug. :laughing: Yes, I am joking.