Drum map issue

Trying to load drum maps for SD3 does not seem to work as when I load one I get Empty Map 1 and there are no Kit Piece names. ( Sound 37 etc.) Not ideal. Performing the same actions as C12.

The GM Map works fine but does not have all the SD articulations. Any ideas would be appreciated.
So far this is the worst version of Cubase I have worked with. It still crashes every time on Shut down… I won’t be migrating my projects.

Do you load and then select it on the left hand side? I take it you’re using Cubase 13? I’m still on 12 and my sd3 drum maps load up fine. I do then have to go to the left and select from the drop down as I always have

I assume that you mean the arrange page menu. I am not sure I will check. I did prefer the single tool bar menu. it was a lot simpler.
Just tried it. the same issue. Damn! Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Just to clarify any potential confusion, with drum maps, I would create a step-by-step reproduction. There are different methods to open drum maps.

Creating, saving, and opening drum maps in C13 work as intended here with no changes from C12. As a Toontrack user, I have many EZX and SDX maps either created by myself or that page where every EZX and SDX is available, except the new ones created in the last couple years.

Regarding crash on shut down, your pretty experienced and does it shut down in Safe Mode with all your plugs disabled?

I’m not a fan of migrating projects anyway. I have seen too many strange issues, especially in graphics when migrating. However I sometimes do it anyway, and expect self-inflicted pain. Bottom line, it takes extra time to get things right once migrated.

do you have “In the pocket” kit drum map by chance?

I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have something to do with my UAD plugins. I am waiting for support to get back to me. I do wonder whether launch a new version of Cubase in the lead up to Christmas isn’t asking for trouble. Given that Support have to have time off for the holidays leading to delays in responding to issues. It could be worse as I can still be creative.

With regard to the SDX drum maps I have had to use gm maps as the SD 3 maps look like the image at the top, without any info on kit pieces. I am about to try creating a drum map from Cubase.


Can’t create Drum Map from instrument either as this option is greyed out.

Out of interest where is a good place to download drum maps as I only have the stock GM one?

Yeah, I’ve just got SD3 - amazing bit of kit - but this is greyed out for me too. How do I get the kit Drum Maps into Cubase? In fairness the editor in SD3 is pretty awesome but when working on a track, the workflow seems smoother editing in CB13.

You create your own

Unfortunately the types of kits mean it is really difficult to create an accurate Drum Map. I actually did one when I migrated from BFD to Superior Drummer 3. A conversion Drum Map. It worked well enough but I had issues with some of the articulations. It was a bit of a mind F***!

There really isn’t a general place that I know of unless you are referring to specific brand.

All Toontrack EZX and SD3 drum maps. Toontrack removed them from their site years ago, but you can easily download all of them that have been created up to a couple years ago. The newer ones, you are probably on your own to create.

Sure. It took about 10 minutes to create since I couldn’t find anyone who had done it. Toontrack includes a keyboard/midi map for every EZX and SDX they sell.

The latest version of UAD 11.0.1 and UADx are in use, and all drum maps from Toontrack and Battery3/4 work fine here.

I have never used creating drum map from instrument either.

can you share it?

PM sent


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I just create my own sd3 drum maps. Capture the midi. Name the bits and get rid of the unwanted notes then save

Groove Monkee have a free Cubase Drum Maps collection for download.
Just google it.