Drum map not following played keys


I’m trying to set drum maps (that I never done).
And one thing I realise in tutorials is that people hit keyboard and correct line is highlited in their drum map. I don’t have that.
I select Drum Map on the VSTi track, a drum map opens, I clic new map to start from scratch.
Hit a key, the VSTi plays sound but no highlight in drum map. I have to manually select the instrument.
Is there an option to fix that ?


Do you mean in the Drum Map Setup window? I don’t think any MIDI Port is routed to this window.

My bad.
I was following a tutorial but didn’t realise the guy was not playing on the keyboard but actualy clicking the notes in his editor.
to bad this is not possible no ? To map a drum is easier if you play on keybord, jear the sound and get the drum map setup to display the correct note.

Oh I realise my problem. It is more to do with the editor type.
If you have Drum Map Setup open and clic notes in an editor that is in the lower zone (score or drum editor etc ) the drum map setup does not highlight the line you are clickin on. This only works if you are using an editor that is open on seperate page.