Drum Map Setup

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This is my first post. I am a complete newbie to Cubase and I recently bought Cubase Pro. While I have been able to suss out a number of things, I can’t seem to get a customized drum map for Addictive Drums properly set up. This is what I am trying to do. ADD2 has its own map that doesn’t conform to GM MIDI. The ADD map begins on C1 and goes to A#4. I want to eliminate all of the lanes up to C1 and after A#4, but I can’t figure out how to do this. I’ve read the manual, and I’ve tried various menu choices, but the closest thing I can come to is just ‘show lanes with notes’ as long as I have notes for every articulation and cymbal mute. What am I missing?

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Load the plug-in Instrument and load the sound. In the Drum Editor use the Show Drum Sounds in use by Instrument from the Drum Visibility Agents.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, that option is greyed-out, the only ones available are ‘show all drum sounds’ and ‘show drum sounds with events.’


I see. Then it seems this option is available for VST3 plug-ins only and ADD2 is probably not VST3.

Well, that is very disappointing. I can’t believe such a simple set-up task can’t be done. One of the reasons why I bought Cubase Pro was to have a dedicated drum editor.


As I said, I’m not 100% sure about the statement this is VST3 only. If the statement is correct, then I expect there is a technical reason for it. For example VST2 plug-ins don’t provide this information at all.

There are several reasons, why should the plug-ins developers use VST3 instead of VST2.


So you’re suggesting that Cubase never had this capability before vst3? My understanding is that Cubase has had a dedicated drum editor almost since forever. And the grid could not be edited to reflect only the instruments present?

I’ve contacted XLN Audio about this issue, but haven’t heard back.

As a workaround, I am going to build an ADD2 map from a GM template, that way, there’ll only be empty space at the bottom of the map.

Unless there is another solution.


Thanks for your time.


No, the Drum Editor is in Cubase for many many years already. What I said is that the feature “Show Drum sounds in use by Instrument” is (maybe) available for VST3 plug-ins only.

If you don’t want to see u the nused MIDI pitches, drag all of them up or down in the list. Or edit the *.drm fine manually (it’s just a common XML file in fact).

thanks, but I am confused. I can’t open the .drm file? I get prompted to find an app to open it with?

EDIT: I opened it with ‘text editor.’ I am not a programmer, so it is gibberish to me. I have no clue what to remove, I tried cutting some of the 0-127 files, but they still show up in the drum editor.


Sorry, I don’t know your system and your installed applications. I even don’t know, if you are on Mac or Windows.

You can use any Text Editor. Notepad is OK on Windows, Notepad++ is better. TextEdit is OK on Mac, TextMate is better. Or Atom for both platforms. Or tones of other editors.

Sorry, I thought I’d stated that. Latest MacOS. I still have no idea what to remove.


I retested it once again now. In theory, you can remove the MIDI Note numbers in the . But this will not delete it from the map. So the way is only to reorder it and change the names to an empty string or — for the drums you don’t want to use.