Drum Map use and the latency on input

Do someone feel latency when use drum map? Without the map is fine, but when I use it creates about 15-20ms latency.
Is there a workaround to reduce it?



It’s not the case here.

Following what @Martin.Jirsak said, it’s not the case either. FWIW, I made a default drum map that I use with BFD3 with the Create Drum Map from Instrument function (in the arrange view, clicking on the related Drum map button in the involved track header or in the Drum Map drop down list, in the inspector) : never got any latency doing so.

I suspect that something else could be the culprit…

Does anyone understand what is causing this? I have the problem with Addictive Drums too. Drum map used - extra noticeable latency. Drum map not used - latency normal.

I don’t believe those saying it doesn’t happen on their system.
It’s always been like that and drives me nuts when I have to add a little playing during the mixing stage when a drum map is loaded.