Drum Mapper is broken in BFD 3,Groove Agent and ML Drums

Records the wrong notes.
My Yamaha xp 80 snare pad plugged into a Yamaha Multi 12 is assigned to D#1 but in Groove Agent in the Drum Maper,the note is D1 as the out put midi assignment so I change the input number to D#1.

I record some drums and the centre snare plays cross sticks.


The others jumble the midi notes around even when I have them set correctly and I have been mucking around for hours without answers.
I checked my list of midi input notes on my Yamaha by tapping each pad,they are fine.

I used the corresponding Yamaha midi note triggers to the In Notes in the Drum Mapper(I clicked the side instrument listings to hear the specific drums to make sure)but when recording ,BFD 3,ML Drums and Groove Agent all play the wrong notes.

Only SD2 does not do this.


Literally going insane here trying to work this out.

Sounds like you have the drum map for SD2 selected and aren’t switching it when you use other sources. Read up on how drum maps work here:

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I know how the drum maps work.
Superior Drummer 2 works fine but BFD 3,ML Drums and Groove Agent do not.

I wanna know what midi out and midi in do?

Because I have been using midin notes in the Drum Mapper for my Yamaha Multi 12 and the midi outs in the Drum mapper are the VST instrument sounds.
Is that correct?

I never read manuals,they confuse the poopies out of me and only written in a way for the brainiacs to understand(intellectually racist).

Do you mean I-Note and O-Note?
I-Note = The note you send from your controller
O-Note = The note sent to the VSTi

What specifically do you find confusing?

OK,that is what I have been doing but the drum mapper puts sounds on different keys.
I click to the left of the Drum Mapper and find the sound Snare then use my snare pads midi note for the I note.

When I record something,the snare notes are siderim sounds not the snare sound.

Given up at this stage after spending a day on trying to get sounds working properly.
I’m done.

Only Superior Drummer 2 WORKS.

Groove Agent is a mess.
BFD 3 is a mess.
ML drums are A MESS.
They don’t see the input notes properly.

Groove Agent plays notes every 5 or 8 seconds then when it sounds it only plays a few notes,really strange.

It is broken in the mapper for sure.

ML Drums just plays the wrong notes like BFD 3 in the mapper.

Superior Drummer 2 plays all the midi notes correctly without missing a beat.

If SD 2 is this good,will SD 3 be the same or will it be horrendous like BFD 3,Groove Agent and ML Drums?

A shame because those have really cool sounds but unusable when playing with a midi device such as the Yamaha Multi 12,only SD 2 likes the Yamaha.

Since you say that the drum map(s) for Superior Drummer works as it should, there must be something else that is not quite right.
What I would do, for the sake of sanity, is to start small and methodically.
First thing I would do is to check that the translation (I-Note to O-Note) of the Drum Map works. (Note that I am using Cubase Pro 12.0.70 and if you are using a different version, things might look a bit different. Functionality wise however, it should be the same.)
Here’s what I did.

  1. Start a new Cubase Project and select “Create Empty”.

  2. Create a new Instrument Track with Groove Agent and load a kit of your choice. (I randomly picked “Electro Pop Kit 2”.)

  3. Record a couple of snare hits from your MIDI pads. Don’t worry about Drum Maps or what sound is actually played just yet.

  4. With the newly recorded MIDI Part selected, go to MIDI > Open List Editor and verify that the recorded MIDI Notes correspond to the note value you expect. Here’s what I have:

  5. Close the List Editor. From the Project Window on your Groove Agent Track, click the field that says “No drum map” and select “Drum map setup”.

  6. At the top left of the Drum Map Setup window, click Functions and New Map. An “Empty Map” will be created.

  7. With the Empty Map selected in the list of Drum Maps on the left, locate the note name you read in above step 4 in the first column “Pitch”.

  8. On that same row, change the value in the column “O-Note” (which is currently the same as “I-Note”) to something else. In my case, I changed “C2/48” to “D2/50”.

  9. Close the Drum Map Editor and select this Drum Map for the Groove Agent Instrument Track. In my case I didn’t change the name of the Drum Map, so it is still called “Empty Map”. This is fine for our test purposes.

  10. Open the MIDI Part by going MIDI > Drum Editor.

  11. Our Drum Map should be applied. Locate the recorded notes and extend the vertical dividing line by dragging it to the right so we can see all the columns in the left pane.

  12. From the Tool Bar in the Drum Editor, open Groove Agent by clicking the “Edit VST Instrument” button. image

  13. Press Play and see if note entered in the “O-Note” is the one being played in Groove Agent. Here’s what I got:

    (I added a color to the Groove Agent pad to more clearly show that it is being triggered.)

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Cubase Drum Mapper and BFD 3 aren’t playing with each other at all.

I select the proper snare hit note I have assigned to my Yamaha multi 12 which I have listed as D#1 then I set that in BFD 3.

But when I record into Cubase,there is no sound.

The actual note recorded is D#-1.

So there is a setting in BFD 3 to show the midi notes down an octave so I change the note to D#-1 in BFD 3,and make sure I hear a sound.

Play cubase again with the corrected note,still no sound.

I have almost given up after 3 days of constant tinkering.
So BFD 3 does not work with the Cubase Drum Mapper?

Or vice versa?

I need answers or solutions on how to fix this!

Anxiety through the roof.

I recorded each note then looked where they landed in the drum mapper then put that note in the BFD 3 mapper.

Played it back and it was fine.

Then I did the same thing for all drums and cymbals recorded each on it’s own to see what midi note it landed on and repeated the process.

Then was happy,
Hooray this is going to work I shouted then saved that as a keymap file in BFD 3.

Then after that I decided to record a drum beat.

Excited to hear the finished product,I heard the kick drum playing the Floor tom note even though it was not the same note I tested before hand.

FFS sigh.

I reckon it’s Cubase.

It hates midi notes in the drum mapper specifically.

Can I change both BFD 3 and the Cubase Drum Mapper into numbers instead of midi notes??? because I am going nowhere.

I’ll be dead before I get this working sigh.

I have run out of solutions for this.


It was my dear Old Yamaha Multi 12 double triggering notes LMAO.

Once I dialled out those double notes,I could hear the notes I was supposed to be hearing.

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