Drum mapping problem

I was able to map all the drums to there desired score placement and head type, except the closed highhat, showing as E4 flat on the top row, the same spot as the tom. It won’t budge nor show the chosen x head shape. Insoluble?

I did solve! While clicking on the drum track note, lit up that one on the drum map, I found that there was another instance of the hh on the map further down and that one, changed to the right place and head.

I spoke too soon, as I tried to proceed farther with the copy that I was assigning to TD50, all the old problems came back. I decided to modify the rx11 map, so created a copy. It became RX11-1.drm 3, as there already was one dupe. I proceed to try to map and the only things that were correct was one BD and HH. Everything else has the wrong heads and placements. I also saved the map as rx11-td50x,drm and tried to load, but that didn’t appear in the list. I saw that it saved withing the song folder so I loaded that. Instead of the saved name, it called in RX11-1.drm 3 2. I loaded that, tried to make desired changes and nothing changed. So still incomprehensible. I tried to the map too but it keeps disappearing when I choose the snip, but almost everything shows desired assignments, but wrong on the score. So can’t save with chosen name. After spending hours getting to almost nowhere, have to give up for now. Aslo, I forgot that I thought maybe I needed to have RX11-1.drm 3 2 in the inspector window at the bottom, but doing that radically altered everything so that no notes or sounds were correct, and score was like a midi keyboard with accidentals, all changes were lost.