drum maps and the Media Bay

I’m using a drum map for a drum software instrument that doesn’t conform to GM.

When I play or load MIDI files into the arrange window everything works as it should, transposing the right amounts on playback to achieve the MIDI note assignments that I’m used to.

However when I play MIDI files from the Media Bay through the drum software instrument channel, the drum map is ignored and I can’t hear the beats because the drum module does not transpose the MIDI files to the desired target register.

Any ideas how to get around this? What I want is for the drum map to recognize the MIDI notes coming from the Media Bay and transpose them in real time to the register of my drum module. If that’s impossible is there another way to achieve the transposition?


I’m afraid, there is no way around. You have to import the MIDI file and assign the Drum Map.

That’as what i figured. Thanks.