Drum Maps ...change parameters for multiple notes at once?

I use and edit a lot of drum maps. In Sonar I was able to “quick group” parameters for multiple notes and change them all at once. ex: Select all cymbal notes and change their midi channels at once. Is one-at-a-time the only way to do this in Cubase? It sure would make my life easier if I could change multiple note parameters at once.


Am I the only one who uses drum maps?

You can change a parameter for all entries in the map…
click on the parameter, hold down the control key and select the value you want.

I’m not aware of an ability to do this for a subset of the entries

Thanks andyoc. Not what I hoped for but still helpfull.

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Not sure if this helps but I setup a KC for select all notes of Same Pitch Same Octave, select one of the drum notes you want to change, then use the KC, then change whatever you want, pitch position or velocity, you could also have an Event List window open and make changes there

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“KC” ?

Maybe I’m missing something, lots of parameters can easily be changed for selected groups of MIDI events.

See if this does what you’re looking to do:

  1. Select your notes you want to change
  2. Adjust the parameters via the horizontal Inspector bar above the timeline (pitch, velocity, start/end time)

Not sure about changing MIDI channel, actually. Doesn’t come up often enough for me.

I’m trying to do this in the Drum Map editor.

Got it.

Never had to do such functions. Can’t help (yet).

Thanks for the response but I’m trying to do this non-destructively in a drum map.

Key Command set under Cubase’s File menu/Key Commands. May take a while for you to set up close to what you need. Cubase is more customisable than most DAWs but that also means lots of preparation by the user to get things where they are needed for some jobs.

Are you saying that with Key Commands that I could do this in a Drum Map?

the best way I found, is to save a drum map file on your file system.
open the drum map file using your favorite text editor (outside Cubase).
open ‘search and replace’ from editor menu bar and replace the parameter line as you wish.

for example, if you wish to replace all notes channel routing to 1 instead of 10, replace the value on the channel parameter
from 9 to 0 (note that this is zero based value).

each note should have a section like so:

         <int name="INote" value="1"/>
         <int name="ONote" value="1"/>
         <int name="Channel" value="9"/>
         <float name="Length" value="200"/>
         <int name="Mute" value="0"/>
         <int name="DisplayNote" value="1"/>
         <int name="HeadSymbol" value="0"/>
         <int name="Voice" value="0"/>
         <int name="PortIndex" value="0"/>
         <string name="Name" value="Sound 2"/>
         <int name="QuantizeIndex" value="0"/>

once done, save the file and load the new drum map file in the drum map editor.
worked like a charm for me :slight_smile: