Drum maps for Battery 4

Hi everybody,

Since Native Instruments decided it was too much trouble to include drum maps this time around, I’ve decided to take matters on my own hands and create them myself. And I invite all of you to help out, but more on this below.

I’ve slowly started creating the drum maps and will be sharing them in this dropbox folder as I go along. Now, keep in mind that I’m a busy man so I will mainly create maps for the kits that I actually use. I hope that if I have free time I’ll eventually go through all of them, but I could really use an extra helping hand or two and here’s where you come in…

If you feel like helping out drop me your e-mail in a private message (or in this thread even) and I will share this folder with you so you can share your own maps.

If you decide to do so please follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Save the map with the exact name as the kit.

  2. Keep the names of the cells neat and clean. Cut where you need to cut and expand where you need to expand. For example, NI use HH for Hi-Hat. I don’t like that so I use the full term “Hi-Hat”. On the other hand, most cells have names like “Kick 909 1”. I consider the “909” part redundant because you’ve loaded a 909 kit that has 909 in its name so you know it’s a 909 kick. In the drum map I typoe “Kick 1”. Neat and clean. (Look, in the end of the day, if you disagree, feel free to use your own system since the point is getting the hard labor done. I figure everyone will prefer it differently but they can download and customize.

  3. Please do not alter the maps already in the dropbox unless your editing an actual mistake (typo, wrong midi note, left-out cell etc.). If you want changes tailored to your taste—like different order, all kick together, etc—just do it on another folder.

  4. This is done for the community and it is free. If you decide to sell these, you’re a huge prick.

Hope this kicks off something nice.


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*Wow, this is a pretty big undertaking but at the same time very kewl thing to do… :wink:

aorn, I am trying to decide if I’m going to use Bat4 or go the GA route. The fact that GA has a one click option to drum map is pretty friggin time saving but I’m so used to using Battery that I will have to weigh it out.

That said, the new layout in GA takes some getting used to but it is so much better than their previous efforts…

Either way, you get a TY from me…


Hi, I am confused… how would a General drum map work for battery 4 - arent there zillions of possible layouts for battery and the sound-assignment? Wouldnt a drum map have to be specific to each of them?

Cheers, Ernst

Precisely. that’s why if you look at the folder there are several drum maps (just a few at the moment but it will grow). The plan is to make a drum map for each kit. It’s a long-term one… :slight_smile:

Well, I got Komplete 9 so B4 was in there already, not sure if I would invest on it as a stand-alone. That said, I think B4 is the most intuitive drum machine I’ve ever used (but haven’t really tries the latest GA, just the SE4 a bit within Cubase). But, keep in mind that B4 is very much focused in electronic kits. They have basically stripped most acoustic kits out since NI is pushing them to their kontakt-based line. The library size alone is telling: 11.5GB for B3 vs 3.7GB for B4!

You are welcome :wink:

Blimey! I usually colour my tracks, but having drums maps for each kit in Battery is next level OCD!

This is a fantastic idea…good collaboration!

I color my tracks (extensively, with custom colors) too, of course :slight_smile: Once you use a drum map once you can never go back. The functionality and workflow improvement in drum programming is tremendous. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever get to do ALL kits, but I’ll do my best.

Btw, if you own Battery 3, there are Cubase drum maps included, I strongly suggest using them!

Just wanted to say thank you for the maps…much appreciated.

I missed out the link is gone is there another way of getting them


Bump, indeed!

I have given up on this project since there was not enough interest… I found out recently that someone has made a “generic” B4 drum map so I’m attaching it. It has “Sound 1, 2, etc.” as drum names. It could be handy for use with Beat Designer and it’s a good starting point for renaming and customising to your own kits.

Sorry for the bump all, but I’m too lazy to do this on my own :slight_smile:
Battery 4 (Generic).zip (2.64 KB)