Drum Maps for Sampler Tracks

Kinda a two part post.

Currently the Sampler Track Inspector doesn’t allow you to set a Drum Map for the Track and it should. Really any Track type that uses MIDI should let you set a Drum Map just like on an Instrument or MIDI Track.

However there is currently a somewhat stealth way to set a Drum Map on a Sampler Track.

  1. Create a MIDI Part on the Sampler Track
  2. Open the Part using MIDI>Open Drum Editor
  3. In the lower left section of the editor is a dropdown where you can set (or create) a Drum Map
  4. Setting a Map here will set if for the Track

I´m curious, what would you write in the sampler map?

If, for example, you use the Slice feature on a drum loop it would assign each Slice to a unique MIDI Note. So name each Note for whatever sound is on that slice - Kick, Kick/Snare, Tom1, etc. Or right now I’m using it to Slice up some folks speaking, breaking them into individual words. I put the various words on a map.

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