Drum Maps - Naming conventions

I’m learning to use drum maps and having some more issues. I imported a drum map from Groove agent after loading a kit with patterns. The default name was “Count That”, from the Marco drum pack. It seems these imported files can not be edited. So, I saved the file as MyMarco. When I load MyMarco it still shows in the drum map listing as “Count That”. What is going on?

My screen shot.

The internally stored drum map name can be different from the file name – Double click on the file name shown in the Drum Map Setup to change it.

One one hand it’s confusing, but on the other hand allows you to keep different versions of the same drum map name in differently named files, which can come in handy when you want to keep older versions around while making your drum maps better over time.

p.s. If you open the .drm file with a text editor, you’ll see it’s an XML file and the internal Drum Map name is there.