Drum Maps: One step further and away from editing XML files

Suggestion for Drum maps:

  • Show a dialog box before cubase deletes a map (Do you really want to delete this? because there’s no undo)
  • Ability to have global and local drum maps
  • Drum maps templates and ability to create a drum map from a template you pre-saved
  • Ability to drag pitches to organize them vertically Kick and then Snare may be drag the crash above the kick later
  • Ability to add and delete pitches to what you’re using only (and throw away the other octaves)
  • Multiple selection on pitches applies change to them all (So we do not have to change the snap or channel for each one or head or output or voice.)
    I’m sure other users will add to this.

yes! multiple selection editing

Multiple selection editing yes please!