drum maps

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

I know I have asked this before,I have tried to make my own custom drum maps,but failed so far

So I have a great collection of 3rd part drum libraries, from Heavyocity and Soundiron etc

I had a look in their manuals and could see some lists of drum sounds and the notes they relate to on the midi keyboard.

Now being very new to this stuff,is it a case of using these drum sound lists and creating a map,using this list?

Is there any easy way to create a drum map?

Any help always appreciated :slight_smile:



I did ask you in your previous thread what Drum program you were using. Perhaps I should have asked you whether you were using General Mid. I heavyocity or sound iron use General Midi or offer a version in this format then you should be able to use Groove agent.

Thanks for the links and your help :slight_smile:
Yeah general midi,not using a drum program. So the idea was to use the drum editor to use my collection of drum libraries