Drum Maps

Hope this is the right forum for this.
I did a search but did not find what I was looking for. I have some projects that I did with EZDrummer. I recently purchased Addictive Drummer and want to use those same EZD patterns but the mappings are different. EZD has some mappings available to download to convert from other mappings to EZD but I haven’t seen anything to convert to AD. Anyone done this or know how I can do this easily? Any Ad drum maps for Cubase?

There are a bunch of maps at AD’s site.

There are some there for GM to AD and vise versa, and some old links that don’t work any more. But nothing that changes EZD to AD. On their forum they mention they don’t have one. I just wanted to see if anyone has one here or can explain the best quickest way to go about converting one. I have a lot of the EZD midi as well that I would like to utilize.