Drum maps

Hello all,

Im in the beginning stage with recording en making soms beats, and singing.
The only drum map i got is the Halion One
Can i get more? Of these drum maps. For download.

And some tips for editing where canni find that.

Yes - use google…

ya sorry, i cant find, and if i find something, i cant download it.

Do you at all know, what drummaps are / Do? Usually ther´s no need in simply downloading drummaps. Are you maybe confusing Drum maps and drum VST-instruments…?

i think so, sound and samples thats what i need, and new tunes, drums, kicks, snares, piano etc. the most of what i find cost money.

Those things have nothing to do with a drum map (well, they could I suppose have something to do with a drum map).

If you can’t find what you need for free you will have to purchase some things like everyone else.

As far as new “tunes” go … have you considered maybe creating your own?

no, then i have to buy something i guess,

but another question, i had my hip hop drum kit in halionone, but i dont know how, but i deleted dat drum kit, how do i get it back, because i cant select it now.

You might be able to find something useful for free here …


Do you mean you deleted the actual file from your computer?

And which version of Cubase are you using?

no its still in steinberg map in program files, i use cubase le5, i tryt and tryt but i cant get him back, its annoying

some one? still not my hiphop drum kit

Common sense would say re-install.

i tryt that, doesnt work

i deleted the map halionone, and repair it with install cd. but still the hip hop kit isnt there, but if i check in the map itself i see hip hop drum kit. pff

Look up the difference between VSTi’s, presets and drum maps, you’re confused.

im not, C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE 5\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne\Essential Set
there i can see hip hop drum kit.
in cubase itself when i wanna pick an instrument. i see them all exept the hip hop drum kit

What’s the file extension?

if i think what u mean, it is a .vstpresent

here photos
vst preset.png

Click catagories and see if a filter is enabled.


Look at your first screenshot…!?